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From the first day I walked in the door of “Absolute Physiocare and Sports Rehab”, I had the feeling that I would be in good hands – and they proved […] Read More


We were fortunate to experience Christina’s knowledge and expertise first hand. Me with major lumbar surgery, and Joan with fractured vertebrae and ribs. Christina takes the time to research, analyze […] Read More

Ron & Joan

Every once in a while the body reminds you that you are not as young and resilient as you used to be.  I went bowling for the first time in […] Read More


I was in a car accident a few months ago and suffered pain in my left upper body, including the arm. I went to a Physiotherapist for a few months, but […] Read More


Absolute PhysioCare has completely changed my life. I am a competitive bodybuilder, personal trainer and fitness instructor currently suffering from numerous injuries that seriously impact my lifestyle and career. I […] Read More


I enjoyed my treatment with Christina, she is very approachable and caring. She is a very good physiotherapist and she thought me great exercises to diminish my pain and to […] Read More


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and had a severe case of neck stiffness. It took me over an hour to get out of my bed. I […] Read More


Absolute PhysioCare and Sports Rehab provides a very welcoming and friendly, yet professional and modern environment. The therapist I saw was Christina Brownlow who helped me with a chronic knee […] Read More


Growing up my whole life being heavily involved in sports, I am no stranger to physiotherapists. Recently I suffered a serious injury to my lower back which left me practically […] Read More


The staff at Absolute PhysioCare have been fantastic. Christina is very knowledgeable and worked so hard to rehab my shoulder, especially after a relapse in the injury. Autumn has also […] Read More


After 2 car accidents, I received treatment from Christina, Shaila and Dre and their treatments had been beneficial for my recovery. They were willing to do more than just sessions, […] Read More


I am 68 years old and had been suffering with back pain on and off for more than 30 years, but it wasn’t until seeing Reza at Absolute PhysioCare that […] Read More


My husband and I both see Christina Brownlow for Physiotherapy. My husband suffered a torn labrum, and had bankart repair surgery in August 2014. Christina is extremely knowledgeable and has […] Read More

Heather & Max

Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab has helped me recover from my neck and back pain and injuries. Christina, Shaila and Dre are true Physio & Sports Rehab professionals. They are very […] Read More


I put off doing anything about my joint problems for more than twenty years because I couldn’t find the right physiotherapist. Thank goodness a friend recommended Shaila, who has an […] Read More


I find the staff at Absolute PhysioCare to be friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. With a special thanks to Christina, my Physiotherapist, she has helped me to recover from my back […] Read More


I am a full time student, part time server and I enjoy a wide variety of activities from running to swimming. I’m constantly on my feet and have a wide […] Read More


My daughter and I have been going to Absolute PhysioCare for about six months.  Both Shaila, Christina and the staff at the front desk have been so friendly and caring […] Read More

Shemin & Nasheena

We have been going to Absolute PhysioCare for over a year now for Massage, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy and have been consistently pleased with their services. The treatment providers are very […] Read More

Robin & Andrea

I’ve been coming to see to Shaila & the rest of her team since the Clinic opened. I have chronic neck & back issues and they have been amazing in […] Read More


Christina has a very good bed side manner, and I look forward to coming in for an appointment. The exercises she gave to help my knees have been working very […] Read More


I came to Absolute Physiocare a few months ago with really bad migraines. I suffered with them for a few years with about 4 a week. I met with Reza […] Read More


I am an administrator/bookkeeper. Therefore, a lot of computer and desk job for me. Eventually, my incorrect sitting posture started causing pain on my upper back and a point on my right shoulder, […] Read More


I came to Absolute after a broken wrist. The day I met Christina, I was under a lot of pain and frustrated with not being able to use my hand. […] Read More


Because of Reza at Absolute PhysioCare I am pain free after two visits! I had a debilitating muscle spasm in my neck and shoulders for over a week and after […] Read More


A few months ago I went to the Dr for x-rays on my feet, because they were killing me! The results came back – osteoarthritis. Yikes! That was scary since I’m […] Read More


I went in with neck issues. My movement was very limited and with severe pain. After 3 treatments Reza got me to 90% movement with little to no pain. I […] Read More


I went to “Absolute PhysioCare” initially for pain to the inside of my left knee. After my first appointment, Reza found that tight hip muscles were contributing to my knee pain.  After […] Read More


I have visited Christina at Absolute PhysioCare for two different injuries and she has helped me heal in the number of sessions promised. I have already recommended Absolute PhysioCare with […] Read More


Thank you so much Shaila! You are truly an expert in your field and my “Absolute” experience was absolutely what I needed. I had 2 hemmorhaged discs in my lower […] Read More


Burnaby Physiotherapy, Coquitlam Physiotherapy

Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab is a cutting edge, multidisciplinary physiotherapy clinic located in Burnaby, between New Westminster, Port Moody & Coquitlam, close to Vancouver, BC.

Our absolute focus is on providing you the highest quality of care through individually designed therapy plans, to help you achieve your optimum wellness and quality of life.

Services Offered

Our Facilities

Burnaby active physiotherapy and rehabilitation gym

Absolute PhysioCare’s highly trained team of licensed physiotherapists and healthcare professionals provide physiotherapy and rehabilitation that utilizes our state-of-the-art-facility and gymnasium.

We utilize every tool and technology available for our clients, at Absolute PhysioCare we are always on cutting edge of current research.

Cutting Edge Custom Treatment Plans

Our Absolute Commitment is to provide you the knowledge and education you need. When you come to our office, you will experience detailed and personal consultation and guidance from our friendly and energetic team.

Contact Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab

Our Absolute PhysioCare & Sports Rehab clinic is located in Burnaby BC, and is comprised of a highly trained team of licensed physiotherapists, sports physiotherapists, and healthcare professionals.

Contact Absolute PhysioCare at 604.558.2273| Take the next step toward your journey to wellness!

We look forward to making your healthcare goals become a reality!


The Team

#230 - 3433 North Rd
Burnaby BC
Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 7am - 7pm
Sat 8am - 4pm
Closed Sunday
Tel: 604-558-2273